Hey guys!
Long time no see but after a much needed break — I’M BACK and it feels great!
I hope everyone had a great time during the Holiday Season and had a great start of the year — ’cause I did! I had such a wonderful and cozy family time in the countryside and the new year started just the way that I wanted. 

2019 is here, and it feels so good! Who else is also loving this year’s vibes?
A brand new year full of opportunities just started bringing us new chances to accomplish our goals and. How amazing isn’t that?

Every beginning of a new year, I take my time to reflect about the year that is ending — see what I have went through, what goals I have accomplished, what I have learned, what I need to change and go through things that I no longer want take with me into the next year. It is very important to sit down and prepare a list of important lifestyle changes, at least for me.

Also, I always take my time to set new goals and this is the best part! Nothing is more exciting than to organize, plan and have things to look forward to all year long, right? I love it!

So, today I will share my resolutions and goals for 2019 — here we go:




What are your biggest resolutions/goals for 2019? Let’s talk!
I wish you a successful year ahead, may 2019 be your best year yet! 





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