Hey guys!
    Long time no see but after a much needed break — I’M BACK and it feels great!
    I hope everyone had a great time during the Holiday Season and had a great start of the year — ’cause I did! I had such a wonderful and cozy family time in the countryside and the new year started just the way that I wanted. 

    2019 is here, and it feels so good! Who else is also loving this year’s vibes?
    A brand new year full of opportunities just started bringing us new chances to accomplish our goals and. How amazing isn’t that?

    Every beginning of a new year, I take my time to reflect about the year that is ending — see what I have went through, what goals I have accomplished, what I have learned, what I need to change and go through things that I no longer want take with me into the next year. It is very important to sit down and prepare a list of important lifestyle changes, at least for me.

    Also, I always take my time to set new goals and this is the best part! Nothing is more exciting than to organize, plan and have things to look forward to all year long, right? I love it!

    So, today I will share my resolutions and goals for 2019 — here we go:




    What are your biggest resolutions/goals for 2019? Let’s talk!
    I wish you a successful year ahead, may 2019 be your best year yet! 





    Hello December!

    Today is the 1st of December which means that my birthdayChristmas and New Year’s Eve are just around the corner!
    November flew by and the best month of the year is finally here!

    It means that we can finally enjoy the Holiday season:
    Christmas markets, cozy weather, seasonal outfits, food and decor.

    Today, I can finally start opening my Advent Calendar and do the decor. I’m just so excited! I have been waiting so long to do so.
    It’s official, the Christmas countdown is on!



    What’s your favorite way to kick start December?
    Also, would you guys like to see what’s inside this Advent Calendar from The Body Shop?
    Let me know in case you want to see a more in-depth post about it.


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    Hey guys!
    Hope you are enjoying the weekend!

    Today I’m starting a Home SeriesI want to share with you some more about my place, inspirations and tips.
    So today I’m bringing you some of the art that we have at home.
    Hopefully you will like it and feel inspired!

    When it comes to our home decor, we have a theme: a color palette together with a more minimalistic style.
    Back in the days when we moved to this new place, we already had the color scheme in mind:
    black, white and grey.
    We also wanted our prints/posters and all the details to fit our theme and style—we didn’t want random art and random colors hanging on our walls. We wanted a more harmonic home.

    So, as you may know, we are very into photography and it led into that we are creating our own content.
    We want exclusive and personalized photos to use in our home decor.
    And guess what? The posters match perfectly and they turned out being some of our favorite things in our apartment!


    All of the prints that I will be showing you today, were photographed by my husband—who is a very talented photographer and content creator.
    Check his full gallery  HERE.


    WATER DROPLETS by Alexander Hauer


    SPIKY BUSINESS by Alexander Hauer


    ICE CREAM by Alexander Hauer



    They look SO GOOD together!



    TIPS: Adding new prints to your place is an easy way to make a quick makeover. Hang them on the wall or even let them lay over a piece of furniture, window or even on the floor itself. It will add a stylish touch either ways!


     If you are interested in getting some of his arts, I highly recommend you to check out his gallery:

    In case you are wondering something or want to contact him for inquires, you can always reach out through his Instagram or
    e-mail. I will leave here his details:


    E-mail: alexbhauerphotography@gmail.com



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    Hello there and welcome!

    I’m really glad to see you here!

    I’m bringing you 10 random facts about me/my personality for you to get to know me a little bit better; things that you definitely would get to know if we shared a cup of coffee together!
    So here we go:

     1. First of all, I was born in Brazil — and I’m currently living in Stockholm, Sweden. I moved here in 2013 and it has been my home ever since — and btw, I really love this city!

    2. I prefer a night in over a night out.

    3. I’m graduated in Fashion Design and for the past 4 years I’ve worked with social media, content creation, design, photography and basically everything to do with online marketing.

    4. When it comes to my style and perspective, they are not defined to one style or one path. I’m always trying something new and looking at things in different ways to expand my mind. I think that life is all about changing, being versatile and experiencing new things.

    5. I collect vintage cameras. I’m truly fascinated about them, their design and their way to take pictures. I mean, I’m passionated about taking photos and photography in general — I’m really into new cameras, gear and everything regarding photography. 

    6. I’m a real fashion and makeup/beauty junkie — yes! — and I really mean it, girl!

    7. I really enjoy shopping — seriously, is there anyone out there who doesn’t?
    I‘m able to spend countless hours at the stores. Oh, and at those online ones too!

    8. I’m obsessed with the Northern Lights, and I was lucky enough to be able to experience it, twice! The most magical thing
    I have ever seen!

    9. I have a thing with New York I mean, I’m truly in love with those city vibes tho. For me it’s just unbeatable!

    10. Coffee has to be my favorite drink of all time. Just give me a caramel iced latte and I’m happy! 


    Well, I really hope to see you here more often so we are able get to know each other better! Let’s connect!
    Also, I would love to answer some TAGS, so if you know any interesting ones leave the suggestion in the comments and I will definitely answer it!