Finally, the weekend is here! Hope you are as excited for it as I am, ’cause TOMORROW is my BIRTHDAY! YAY!

    Today, I’m going to share with you the fashion edition of my December Wishlist — with some really nice seasonal finds and hot items that are on my list right now. If you are in need of some inspiration for the Christmas gifts, maybe you can get it here!

    As you may have noticed, I’m really into gold and neutral colors. Black, paired with gold make such a stunning combo!
    Regarding my selection of items, I feel like it would be easy to achieve nice winter looks by mixing and matchin’ those items with a pair of jeans.

    1. Molly Watch by Gyllen Watches — the Swedish brand just launched a few days ago. They have the most beautiful watches I have ever seen, making it very hard to pick just one!
    Check HERE

    2. Faux Fur jacket from ZARA — I love the colors and length of this one, the perfect winter jacket! HERE

    3. Brooch earrings from ZARA — loving bold accessories ATM! HERE

    4. Leopard Cami from ZARA — the must-have pattern right now, this style goes with everything. HERE

    5. Metal Leaf earrings from ZARA — L O V E . HERE

    6. LV Archlight Monogram sneakers from Louis Vuitton — the all-time most perfect chunky sneakers in the market, in my opinion. I know these guys have been out there for a while now, but seriously I feel like they will never go out of style. I love all the details, specially the monogram pattern. W A N T. HERE

    7. Snaps Glove by Karl Lagerfeld — bye bye boring gloves! Why not add a stylish touch to your outfit with those finger-free ones? HERE

    Have a lovely weekend and let me know which ones are your favorite items!

    *Disclaimer: This post does NOT contain adlinks nor paid partnerships.



    Right now fashion is so bold, and so is my #mood.

    Moschino is a brand which I always loved—their funky style is eye-catching and very unique.

    Ever since H&M and Moschino announced their collaboration (the collection will go live on the 8th of  November 2018 online and in selected stores), I have been looking forward to see the collection and honestly, I’m in love!

    There are so many pieces I would love to buy, but we all know that it seems like an impossible mission to get our hands on a piece from one of H&M’s collaborations, simply because everything gets sold out in just a few minutes after they launched it online and in stores—and I’m talking worldwide. So let’s see if I will be lucky and get at least a few things!

    Here is my selection:


    The jewelries are my faves — on the very top of my wishlist!




    The sparkly bra and the tee are a must too!




    And the shoes, tho!
    Want pretty much all the shoes from the collection.





    W A N T!
    These jackets are UNREAL!




    I mean — how cute is the iPhone case? Love the black & gold design of the bag & belt.




    You can check the entire collection HERE.
    Also, let me know which ones are your favorites items and if you managed to get some of them!




    *Disclaimer: This post does NOT contain adlinks nor paid partnerships.